Thursday, January 14, 2010

Which Adhesive Should I Use?

Yes, we know it’s confusing having so many different adhesive products, but hopefully this guide will help you decide what will suit you best. All of our adhesives are acid free.
Dotto:         103305                $28.95
      Refill:   100902                $13.95

The Dotto dispenser comes filled with a roll on strip covered in tiny sticky dots. These dots are repositionable and removable (just rub with your finger or an Adhesive Remover rubber). This makes it great for scrapbooking – you can easily move around page elements and photos. It is also fantastic for positioning a template over paper to cut around as it will not damage the paper when removed. The original roll & refill contain approx. 14.8m

Sticky Strip:  104294              $15.95

This is essential if you wish to make 3D items. This narrow (6.3mm), double-sided, extra-sticky tape is fantastic for making boxes, adhering ribbon or using on projects that may be handled a lot. It is approx. 9.1m long.

Crystal Effects: 101055        $13.95

Crystal Effects is great for adding dimension to projects. It will give a slightly risen, lacquered look. It can also be used as an adhesive. It is particularly good for gluing things like beads, pearls & buttons. It does take a while to dry.

Tombow Multi Purpose Adhesive:
                          110755        $8.95

Tombow is super handy. It has 2 dispensers, a fine tip at one end & a wider applicator at the other end. If you allow Tombow to dry before adhering it, it is removable like a post-it note. If you adhere it promptly, it is permanent. Tombow is a reasonably strong adhesive, good for adhering card, paper, buttons etc.

2-Way Glue Pen: 100425     $7.75

Once again, this glue is permanent if adhered promptly, or removable like a post-it note if allowed to dry. A 2-Way Glue pen is essential if you love Dazzling Diamonds & glitter. It has a fine tip like a chisel felt-tip pen so makes gluing glitter & small pieces or card or paper simple.

SNAIL Adhesive: 104332    $15.95
                   Refill: 104331    $10.25

Simple, Neat, Affordable, In-Line double sided adhesive. SNAIL is one of the easiest adhesives to use as it is dry & leaves no mess. It can be used just about everywhere & is permanent. It can be used on 3D items, but will not give as strong bond as Sticky Strip.

Anywhere Glue Stick:
                            104045       $8.95 for a pack of 2!

This glue stick has a rectangular top allowing you to get all the edges & corners. Fantastic for gluing paper or card to cardstock or chipboard as it doesn’t make the paper wet like some glues can. Very economical.
Stampin’ Dimensionals: 104430          $8.95

A favourite of card-makers & scrapbookers to give an extra dimension to projects. The packet contains 300, hexagonal shaped, double sided, permanent foam dots. (1.58mm thick)

Glue Dots:
         Mini:   103683              $11.25 (approx. 4.8mm diameter, 250 dots)
     Pop-Up:   104183              $8.95 (approx. 1.3cm diameter, 3.1mm thick, 75 dots)

Glue dots are a permanent, super-sticky adhesive designed for adhering embellishments such as buttons & ribbon. They will stick to most surfaces including fabric. No mess & no drying time.

Adhesive Remover: 103684    $4.50

Just like a rubber for adhesive. Use it to remove sticky mistakes or glue over-runs. Does not work on tape.

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